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Pastor's Bio


God made it clear to me early in my ministry that my calling was to be a pastor.

We have loved serving the churches that God has entrusted to our care over the years. The greatest thrill for Lisa and me has been to watch believers grow and mature in their relationship with Christ as the Holy Spirit divinely works in and through them within the context of local church ministry.


We subscribe to the model of ministry that emphasizes a thorough and complete plan for discipleship. We passionately affirm that the most vital step in the maturation process of the believer is the baptism in the Holy Spirit!

My pulpit ministry combines practical, culturally relevant Christian living themes with a fervent, anointed delivery. I am thoroughly Pentecostal in position, practice, and proclamation.

The vision God has imparted to us is to lead the body of Christ at Lakeside in becoming even more effective in being Christ’s hands extended to touch the lost and hurting of Garrett County with the life-changing message of the gospel and God’s unconditional love. I am committed to facilitating the process needed for Lakeside to fulfill its desire to be an ever brighter and an increasingly more visible lighthouse of hope and help for the searching, hurting, and disengaged of Garrett County.

God has given to His church creative and new ways to share the gospel in the times in which we find ourselves. These methods must be bathed in prayer and anointed by the Holy Spirit to achieve true and lasting results. I believe as we rely on the Holy Spirit, He will show us how to best meet the needs of every family God entrusts to our care. With the help of the Holy Spirit, we will teach others how to live for Christ daily in an impactful and influential way!

Come join us at Lakeside and be a part of the exciting things God’s doing here! There is a place just for you in this loving, caring faith community!

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